Want to save space in your kitchen? Here are some ideas!

Having a well-furnished kitchen is important for multiple reasons. Not only does it make you feel more organized but it also makes your job easier as you may not have to spend much time looking for things in multiple places. A furnished kitchen with designated storage spaces and a proper layout can be highly functional making the preparation of food easy and efficient. Ergonomic cabinets, kitchen cupboard designs, shelves, etc can add to a great level of comfort. It promotes better physical health too! Lastly, but not unimportantly, an aesthetic-looking kitchen can make you more motivated to prepare home-cooked meals as you may love spending time in the fully furnished ambiance that is easy to navigate. 

If you are facing a lack of space or are simply looking for ideas for a better-looking kitchen, here are 5 tips:

Increase the storage factor – This is a crucial factor in making your kitchen more space-efficient and practically sound. A kitchen is often defined by its cabinets and storage options. It is a necessary accessory to have and fancy storage options truly have a way of making the kitchen look modular. The tiny jars and crockery peeking out of the kitchen rack can also look special. Use all empty spaces in the kitchen to install proper storage mechanisms to be free of all clutter and add depth to the kitchen aesthetic.

Use shelves – Shelves can be used in the kitchen space itself and as a divider between the kitchen and the dining room instead of heavy doors or walls. You can keep open-shelf designs or closed ones based on the need and category of items kept inside. Furnishing in the form of shelves can be used as extendable surfaces to eat or keep your beverages on. Additionally, shelves provide a more seemingly open space in the room. 

Foldable tables – Especially for smaller kitchen and dining room spaces, foldable tables can be a boon. Select a table that will suffice the needs of your family and the foldable portion can be the extra part that can be opened when you are entertaining guests at your home. Stackable chairs are usually a great addition to such tables. Additionally, you can also use the extra chairs in the living room or bedrooms as a part of the study table and bring them out when desired. 

Drawer organizers – A great tip for efficient storage is organizing. A properly organized drawer wherein you keep your kitchen utensils like spoons, forks, knives, serving spoons, utensils, glasses, plates, etc can make your life easier in ways you never imagined. It can be a part of the fully functional kitchen that you are aiming for and is an effective method of utilizing space. Organizers can be used in the form of labeled bottles or the drawer for cutlery.

Vertical space – Install shelves or hooks on the walls of the kitchen to effectively use and save space. Magnetic knife holders, hooks for cups, and open shelves for plates can be put on the walls of the kitchen. The open storage idea will make your kitchen layout seem more spacious. This will also help you move around and find things with relative ease without having to open drawers or cupboards every single time. 


Ergonomically-efficient kitchens have multiple benefits. Smaller kitchen spaces can be decorated to keep the overall aesthetic vibe intact along with having enough storage options to keep all the necessary utensils and crockery in a clutter-free zone. Design your kitchen with modern ideas that are suited to your overall well-being.

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