Up Up and Away – Birthday Balloon Bash!

Misha, a little girl who loves balloons, had the party of her dreams for her first birthday. A mini hot air balloon at the party entrance doubled as a photo “booth.” Die-cut balloons netted to tulle wrapped pink kiddie chairs matched the balloon garland that draped the buffet. A bunny petting zoo and silhouette artist added unique entertainment options for guests to enjoy.


The sky’s the limit with this fun and whimsical balloon-themed party. The perfect choice for either a child’s birthday or a baby shower this theme will delight all.

This fun and colorful party will definitely have you singing “Rubber Ducky You’re the ONE”! It’s the perfect theme for a child’s birthday or a boy or girl baby shower.

If the mom-to-be is a globetrotter bring her favorite spots into this theme by naming each table after a different destination she’s visited or even a location on her bucket list. Incorporate this theme into all of the party elements from the invitations to the cake with a hot air balloon topper. For games try power rocketing balloons along a string or even a simple sponge water bomb race.


If you plan on hosting a water balloon fight, you will need somewhere to stage it. A basic bucket or plastic bin filled with water will work, but a kiddie pool is the most aesthetically pleasing option.

You can also use balloons to make custom decorations for your party. For example, you can create a balloon arch by tying a few together, or attach them to a string to create bright streamers. You can even paint the number your child’s birthday or polka dots on each one!

The 5th Dimension’s hit song “Up, Up and Away” is known for its catchy melody and uplifting message. The songwriter, Jimmy Webb, was inspired by a TWA airline commercial that featured a hot air balloon and the idea of adventure and possibility. Visit for birthday balloons.


A balloon photo “booth” and a bouncy house were both great ways to keep the kids busy. The older kids were entertained with a pirate character leading them on a scavenger hunt with balloon swords. Other activities included a bunny petting zoo, a silhouette artist and a station where the bigger kids made flower crowns.

A colorful balloon print and Happy Birthday lettering on the dinnerware and decorations helped create a bright, fun atmosphere for the party. Cone party hats were placed at each place setting for guests, young and old alike. Yellow plastic silverware and 9-ounce paper cups were a convenient alternative to glassware. The dessert table featured a store-bought cake and some custom cake pops that were made to mimic balloons. One can also choose to make garland of balloons as it looks elegant and delivers a vibe of happiness.

Food & Drink

Misha’s first birthday party was a fun-filled affair for family and friends. A mini hot air balloon was placed at the entrance to set the stage, and a giant balloon photo “booth” was sure to capture all the smiles. Mint green and purple tableware was paired with die-cut balloons to create an eye-catching design on the adult and kids tables. The cake and sweets table matched the theme, and a bunny petting zoo, silhouette artist station and floral station made for unique entertainment options for both babies and big kids alike. Even the beverage stand was treated to a little balloon magic with a tulle sash and bunny bow!


Blow up your own balloons and create custom decorations, or hire professional balloon artists to take your party to the next level. Skilled balloon artists can sculpt intricate designs, like animals and characters, into life-size installations that are sure to amaze your guests.

You can also use balloons to make simple decorations, such as a balloon arch or garland. Alternatively, you can tie multiple balloons together to make bunches that you can hang from the ceiling or place on tables. To reduce waste, choose biodegradable latex or reusable foil balloons. Balloons add a playful touch to any celebration, but it’s important to consider their environmental impact.

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