Tips to Find a Course on Building Confidence

A lack of confidence is one of the biggest challenges in business. However, too much confidence can be destructive. Here is a course that will teach you how to find the right balance.

This class by Alain Wolf, a social skills and communication expert at Skillshare, covers topics like assertiveness, body language, and communication. It is an interactive, highly engaging course that will help you boost your confidence.

1. Know Your Purpose

When it comes to eCourse on building confidence, most people have suffered from a lack at some point. Luckily, there are many courses that can help boost confidence levels and overcome self-doubt.

The Assertiveness and Self-Confidence course from Courses for Success is an excellent option to consider. It encourages employees to leverage what they do feel confident about and banish negative self-talk. It also provides some practical tips, including how to eliminate verbal fillers and use non-verbal communication.

Another great option is the Confidence for Creatives class from Skillshare. This class is led by beauty specialist Eugena Washington and offers a variety of interactive lessons to help students reconnect with their inner confidence. This is one of Skillshare’s highest-rated classes and can be taken for a monthly subscription fee.

2. Look for a Tutor

The best online confidence classes come from instructors with solid credentials. For example, one course, Getting Over Self-Doubt, is led by a best-selling author with experience at top consultancy firms, and it has 71,000 students. Another, The Knight in Rusty Armor, is taught by an expert on communication and social skills.

Another option is the MasterClass, a site that offers courses in a wide range of disciplines—from cooking to drumming to tennis—but it also has some of the highest-rated confidence courses around, including one led by a former professional dancer. The site’s subscription model means you pay a monthly fee for access to all of its content. In addition to the confidence courses, it also has a wealth of other skills classes led by celebrities.

3. Look for a Platform

There are plenty of eCourse on building confidence, but it’s worth looking for a platform that matches your learning style. Some courses have specific topics and focuses, such as business etiquette, while others are more general.

For example, if you want to find a course with a business focus, you might consider the LinkedIn Learning option, Breaking the Habit of Self Doubt and Building Real Confidence, which is one of their highest-rated confidence courses. At just 18 minutes long it might seem like this class wouldn’t be worth the price, but it’s important to remember that with LinkedIn Learning you are subscribing to their entire site and will have access to their other courses.

Alternatively, MasterClass offers world-renowned instructors such as George Stephanopoulos and RuPaul so it could be worth checking out if you want to learn something new that will boost your confidence.

4. Look for a Course Format

The course format determines the way a course is displayed to students. The formats that can be used are tabs, grid, and menutopic. The tabs format displays a topic section in a single tab, which allows students to navigate the course without having to scroll through the entire content page. This prevents the so-called “Scroll of Death”.

SkillShare has an assortment of courses on confidence building and other topics such as public speaking, life purpose, assertiveness, self esteem and NLP. These courses are taught by renowned instructors in their respective fields.

MasterClass has a number of courses on confidence building as well, including cooking by Gordon Ramsey, drumming by Ringo Starr and tennis by Serena Williams. This course offers practical ideas and projects, and teaches how to overcome fear, build self-esteem, and turn a negative inner voice into a positive one.

5. Look for a Price

If you are looking for confidence training, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some are individual courses while others are part of subscription services. For example, Udemy has a course called Confidence Masterclass that is one of their most popular and highly rated courses. The course is taught by an instructor who has over 300,000 students. It is also relatively inexpensive.

Other options include MasterClass, which has a range of courses from world-renowned instructors including George Stephanopoulos and RuPaul. It is more expensive than Udemy, but it is a great option for people who are interested in developing specific skills, like confidence, from an expert instructor. Alternatively, Creative Live offers a course called How to Break the Habit of Self Doubt and Build Real Confidence that is one of their most popular courses.

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