Things You Need to Know About a China Tape Manufacturer

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At the low end of the market, a failed tape might mean a box opening during shipping. At the industrial level, it could threaten the umbilical link between an offshore windmill and the shore or delay the construction of a bridge.

1. Quality

Crown TAPE is a continuous flexible strip of paper, cloth, or metal-coated on one or both sides with a pressure-sensitive adhesive at room temperature. It adheres to a wide variety of surfaces with a minimum of finger pressure. This type of tape is used in a broad range of industrial applications from packaging to shipping and securing components in suspension bridges, electric grids, and new roads and bridges.

Dodd has a distinct advantage over his competition, particularly the industry giant Intertape Polymer Group, which owns 13 North American factories and sells about $740 million worth of tape annually. Dodd says the company sprang from the need to solve customers’ duct tape problems, and its small size allows it to be more responsive than a large corporation. The company s engineered tapes are designed to solve extreme ESD, high-temperature insulation and halogen-free flame retardant challenges in electronics, industrial, aerospace and automotive industries. The company also produces UL-approved laser markable tapes for work in process identification and polyimide wire markers that can withstand harsh environments.

2. Price

As a china tape manufacturer, the company produces high-performance industrial tape for a wide range of uses. The company now competes with large American firms such as 3M, but Dodd insists that price isn’t an issue. He explains that a failure of a low-cost commodity packing tape might result in a box opening during shipping; whereas a failure of high-performance industrial tape could endanger the umbilical link between an offshore windmill and shore or delay the construction of a new bridge at tremendous cost.

The company also manufactures a variety of engineered products to solve specific problems. For example, a thermally conductive interface tape improves the reliability of electronic components by keeping the temperature low. Another engineered product is flame-retardant polyimide wire markers for harsh environments like commuter railways and avionics. It’s also the world’s only manufacturer of glass cloth electrical tape. The UL-listed product eliminates the need for costly rework of wiring harnesses.

3. Delivery

In an industry where price often wins, a fast and reliable delivery system can give a small company a competitive advantage. TaraTape’s annual revenues are only about $20 million, but Dodd says his tiny company can often respond to a customer’s needs more quickly than the 13 North American factories of Intertape Polymer Group, which has been in business for decades. For example, a failure of the wrong tape can result in a carton opening during shipping or a loosening of the umbilical cable linking a windmill and a power grid that could cost millions to repair.

China duct tape manufacturers can provide flexible supply and fast delivery. They are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services. They are a leading converter of high-quality pressure-sensitive tapes and offer the most extensive range of constructions available. Their product lines include rubber adhesive cloth tapes, repulpable paper tapes, and aluminum foil tapes. They also offer a variety of laminated insulation facings for HVAC systems and industrial applications.

4. Customer Service

The china tape manufacturer must have good customer service, and be able to answer all of your questions. They should also be able to provide you with samples of their products so that you can see the quality for yourself. The company should also be able to offer you the best price on the product you are looking for.

Crown tape professional supply and convert high-quality adhesive tapes, such as Masking tapes, Gaffers tapes, Painter tapes, Splicing tapes, Duct Tape, HVAC tape etc. We can produce various aluminum foil tapes with acrylic or rubber adhesive and laminated insulation facing, including smooth shiny aluminum foil, black lacquer aluminum foil, white lacquer aluminum foil, Foil scrim-kraft PSK, white PP-scrim-kraft and Foil mesh. Besides, we can also manufacture various color of cloth masking tape and repulpable paper tapes.

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