Exploring the Best Smell-Proof Bags for Outdoor Activities

Whether you want to hide your sweaty gym clothes or keep food away from bears, a smell-proof bag is a must. These heavy-duty plastic bags have a hermetic seal and are airtight, waterproof and odor-proof.

This bag comes with a combination lock accessory kit to help prevent theft and offers removable divider pockets or sections. It also features a water-resistant zipper and subzero temperature protection.

Watershed Aleutian Deck Bag

For kayakers or paddlers, the Watershed Aleutian Deck Bag offers low-profile, waterproof storage that secures to the deck rigging of a sea kayak or the nose of an SUP. From sugar crashes to wildlife sightings, it keeps all on-the-water equipment at hand and dry. Its airtight ZipDry seal, expedition-grade hardware and mil-spec stitching reinforcements all ensure durability. Its interior map case with a clear, vinyl window works for phones and tablets as well.

Another option is the Gearlab Outdoors Deck Pod 2. This burly bag comes with well-placed heavy-duty D rings and handles for multiple attachment options. Its molded-plastic stiffener insert raises the top of the bag for enhanced accessibility.

The Watershed Colorado Duffel and the Aleutian Deck Bag are both durable and cost-effective. The latter has plenty of attachment points for lashing to your craft and a sleek overall look that is at home in many settings. Its polyurethane laminated nylon holds up to wear and tear.

SealLine Discovery View

The Discovery View is SealLine’s version of the see-through dry bag that helps you save time searching through your gear to find what you need. The transparent materials make it easy to identify contents without opening the bag, and the Purge Air valve vents trapped air for a better seal once the bag is closed. This allows the bag to compress even further, making it easier to fit into your pack or onto the bottom of a kayak.

The polyurethane body feels tough and promises a long lifespan, and it performs well against water intrusion. This is a great option for paddleboarding or any other activity where you want reliable waterproof protection in an easily accessible location. The welded seams are also an upgrade over taped and sewn construction, and the simple DrySeal roll-top closure is easy to secure. The oval bottom helps the bag lie flat, and color-coded strips with lash points and handles make it easier to distinguish between bags.

Outdoor Products 3-Pack

The Outdoor Products 3-Pack is a great value for those looking for light protection on a budget. These sacks come in three different sizes—2 liters, 4 liters, and 10 liters—and offer good splash protection for gear inside a backpack or a kayak.

The sacks are fairly simple, and they’re easy to seal. We had to pay close attention when closing these bags, making sure there was a tight fold over the stiffened strip and at least two more solid rolls of fabric. Occasionally, it took a few re-rolls to be sure the bag was closed properly.

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Loksak Opsak

The OPSAK from Loksak is one of the best Smell proof bags for camping that protects food, electronics, documents and other belongings against water, humidity, odor and weather. It features a double zipper that creates a hermetic seal, preventing air or micro-organisms from entering or leaving the bag once closed. It also has resistance to extreme heat, allowing it to be used as a boil-in bag or sous vide bag for rehydrating freeze-dried foods.

This waterproof bag is a must-have for backpackers and can be used to store snacks, water, first aid kits and more. It is also great for keeping a campsite free from bears and other wildlife that can smell human odors. This bag comes in several sizes and is made from heavy-duty plastic that can withstand the elements.

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