Cube Timers

A cube timer is essential for any serious cuber, helping track performance and develop algorithms more quickly while staying focused during workouts or studies.

Flip the cube to set your timer and track your progress!

Speed Stacks Timer

Speed stacks is an increasingly popular sport that helps build motor skills, ambidexterity and agility. The G5 timer is an official precision Competition Timer for Sport Stacking that operates both 4-Pad (for stacking) or 2-Pad mode (cubing). It features a large display easily readable from up to 100 feet away as well as a powerful TD cord that plugs directly into the mat without getting in the way.

This timer is ideal for both novice and advanced stackers alike. The innovative pad activation system eliminates wrist stops and hand holding, freeing judges to focus on finding violations instead. This frees stackers up to focus on improving their times instead. Plus it features personal bests storage memory, data port connectivity for monitor connectivity and Generation 4 graphics – it’s even a must-have in sanctioned WSSA sport stacking tournaments as well as training with professional coaches!

T-mark Speed Cube Timer

The T-mark Speed Cube Timer is an accessible, user-friendly casual and competitive cube timer made of durable materials with an intuitive large display for easy viewing. Additionally, its 2.5mm external port connects directly with major brand monitors as well as Mobile DC Timer App (Android/iOS). Finally, this timer runs off batteries that can be charged via its own micro USB cord.

Cube timers are an indispensable piece of gear for serious speedcubers. They help identify areas in which algorithms could be improved or new tactics introduced, keep track of progress and skill growth and evaluate competition participants’ performances more objectively. Standardized timing can also assist psychological tests or intelligence assessments by adding time constraints; this way, results can be easily compared and measured objectively.

GAN Halo Timer

The GAN Halo Timer isn’t your average speed cube timer: its internal memory can store up to 10,000 solves, connect with CubeStation app, and feature customized lighting with 90 light effects! Some settings may cause flashing lights; be wary if these settings may cause discomfort.

GAN Halo stands out as being unique because it can connect to an app and display real-time times, rather than only showing them after your solve has completed. This enables you to analyze how well you solve and improve upon them; moreover, its accuracy to one thousandth of a second provides great accuracy when improving times and solving performance.

If you’re shopping for a timer, this one should definitely make the shortlist. Packed with useful features and easy to use, you can even connect it to the Halo Mat for a complete setup. However, keep in mind that offline solves cannot be saved onto this timer; nonetheless it remains the ideal timer for CubeStation users.

YJ Pocket Cube Timer

If you want a timer that works like those found at competitions, look no further than the YJ Pocket Cube Timer. It is speedcubing’s first touchless timer using infrared sensing technology to provide hands-free timekeeping when space is limited and features a short lanyard for quick solving sessions on-the-go!

If he hasn’t done so already, treat him to some speed cube lube such as Candy Cane from SCS or Martian/xM-10 from The Cubile; both provide good all-round solutions that work on any cube model.

As an inexpensive upgrade for his 3×3, try the 50mm Zhilong set (available from both stores). It makes one-handed solving easier while remaining smaller than flagship sets commonly used by cubers. If he enjoys competing in events then 5×5, Skewb, and Square 1 cubes would provide excellent training wheels for competitions.

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