Counterfeit Electronic Components Are Attacking the Electronics Supply Chain  

In 2022, ERAI reported a total of 768 suspect counterfeit and nonconforming parts showing a marked increase over the last three years.

Analog chips, programmable logic devices (PLDs) and microprocessor ICs (MCU) are the most counterfeited and defective parts. The most commonly counterfeited brand was Texas Instruments, followed by Xilinx.

In the past, more than half of the suppliers of suspect parts were located in the USA. However, in 2022, suppliers from the USA and from China were virtually the same. Overall, 45.4% of reported components originated from Asia-Pacific, 37.3% from North America and only 17.3% from Europe.

These counterfeit components are constantly attacking the electronics supply chain, that said,  counterfeit integrated circuits are commonly seen in the market, which made it more difficult for people to purchase authentic electronic parts.

As an industry-leading distributor of electronic components, Heisener has been committed to providing customers with authentic, high-quality and in-stock components for nearly a decade. We source all kinds of IC chips including shortage, obsolete, franchised and hard-to-find ones from internationally famous manufacturers, authorized agents and broad and reliable distribution channels to meet the various needs of customers. After each IC chip arrives, the first thing to do is to implement quality inspections and testing.

We have a group of professional QC testing engineers who conduct inspections and testing in strict accordance with IDEA-STD-1010 standards to ensure the electronic parts 100% original and authentic, no counterfeits ever delivered to our clients from us. Sometimes we also send suspect semiconductors to a third-party testing, inspection and certification company for further inspections if needed.

Here are the steps of electronic parts testing and quality inspections:

1. Packaging Test

2. Label Inspection

3. Visual Inspection

4. Screen Printing Inspection

5. Chemical Wipe Test

6. QFP/QFN Pin & Package Inspection

7. BGA Inspection

8. Testing with Scrapers

9. Dimensional inspection

10. Solderability Test

11. Decapsulation

12. X-Ray Inspection

13. Functional & Performance Test

In the face of the increase in counterfeited electronic components, it is very important for buyers and traders to source parts from reliable suppliers and distributors.

The quality of electronic components is always our focus. Join us to combat counterfeit components! Source your missing parts at, you will be guaranteed to get authentic and quality components at a competitive price.

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