Boho Vibes – Your Guide to Bohemian Fashion and Decor

If you’ve got a creative side to your personality and love to express it through your outfits then bohemian style might be for you. Embrace cool colors, bold patterns and tons of textures.

Dayle @artfulcitystyle wears a long printed skirt with a crochet bralette, kimono and floppy hat to achieve the ultimate boho look.

Maxi Dresses

Whether you’re wearing a show-stopping red or a soft blush pink, the bohemian maxi dress exudes femininity and beauty. These comfortable Summer dresses are ideal for casual days, beach wear, or formal events when accessorized with dainty jewelry and a pair of heels.

Boho decor incorporates a variety of patterns, textures, and colors from all over the world into your home. Mixing and matching these global elements with sentimental pieces, handmade items, or travel souvenirs is the best way to achieve a bohemian look for your home. But be careful not to go overboard – too many patterns can overwhelm a space. Keep a balance by using neutral bases and well-balanced wall gallery displays. This allows each item to shine without competing with one another.


A kaftan’s versatility makes it a staple of the bohemian aesthetic. It can be worn with almost any type of skirt or pants, and the neckline can be rounded, square, or v-shaped. People with round or full faces may look best in a rounded neckline while those with a square face shape can wear a v-neck kaftan.

Layering patterns is essential to the bohemian aesthetic, so don’t be afraid to use fabrics in different colors and designs. A mix of textures also adds to the unique bohemian style, so include rugs with intricate patterns and woven blankets that complement each other, and consider using a macrame wall hanging or cotton curtain in place of traditional drapes. Also, don’t forget to use various lighting accents like lanterns, candleholders, and floor and table lamps to create the warm, inviting atmosphere of bohemian decor.

Printed Jumpsuits

Printed jumpsuits are a fun way to incorporate the bohemian style into your wardrobe. Look for designs with large-scale abstract lines or a colorful floral print. The trick is to pair the jumpsuit with contrasting colors and textures to create a bold effect. For example, a floral printed jumpsuit works well with a light rose blazer.

Boho home decor is a beautiful fusion of culture and eclectic items from around the world. You can bring this untamed, freewheeling style to your apartment in Rochester, NY or suburban home in Orlando, FL by adding bohemian elements like patterned rugs and blankets and textured throw pillows.

The most important aspect of bohemian home design is embracing the natural elements of your location and incorporating handmade, organic pieces that speak to you. NOVICA’s unique boho gifts and home décor collection makes it easy to bring a little bit of wanderlust to your living space.


A kurti is a long-sleeved kimono-style dress, typically with intricate beading and silk accents. It’s a sophisticated take on boho style and ideal for evening events like weddings or parties. A low bun and cat eye makeup will complete the look.

Mixing textures is essential to the bohemian aesthetic. Using jute, rattan, and cane is a great way to add natural elements to your boho home decor.

Bold patterns are also a hallmark of the Bohemian style. Globally inspired motifs are popular, but you can also opt for geometric shapes and patterns to accomplish a more modern bohemian style.

The most recognizable features of boho home decor are natural flowers and fruits. Fill your home with beautiful displays of zinnias, figs, and other in-season fruits to embody the spirit of this laid-back style.

Denim or Fur Vests/Jackets

If you’re a free spirit who loves world travel and art, boho design is the style for you. This eclectic home decorating style combines different objects, colors, and patterns from all over the globe to reflect your personal taste.

Denim and faux leather jackets are a staple in any boho wardrobe. Pair them with straight-leg blue jeans or skinny black pants to create a look that’s casual and chic. If you’re looking for something more unique, a sherpa coat is another trendy fashion item to add to your closet that can keep you cozy during cool fall days.

The colder months are the perfect time to try boho-chic outfits that will keep you warm and stylish. Layer a boho-chic kimono over a crochet bralette and complete the look with a stylish fringe bag and hat.

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