4 Ways Of Maintaining A Strong Foundation For Your House

The external repairs in our house often catch our attention but when it comes to internal repairs, such as repairs related to the foundations, they are often ignored. It is important to know how serious foundation-related issues can be and how important it is to solve them.

Issues in the foundation such as cracks or openings can lead to weakening of the base, leading to structural problems. Foundation-related issues can lead to a decrease in the value of your property and can even pose safety and security problems.

Therefore, we have gathered four ways of maintaining a strong foundation for your house.

1.    Regular Inspection

One of the most effective ways of maintaining a strong foundation is getting it regularly inspected. A team of individuals thoroughly checks the foundation of your house and gives you a report about the cracks and openings in the foundation.

Having this report can be quite beneficial as you get to know how many cracks and openings are there and how major they are. This report can be the deciding factor in whether to call foundation repair services or not.

2.    Manage Vegetation

Have a look at the vegetation around the house. Make sure that the trees, bushes, and shrubs are at a certain distance from the main house.

This is because these plants tend to expand their roots. This leads the roots to move the soil toward the house eventually harming the foundation of the house.

If some bushes or trees are quite near to your main house, consider calling in plant removal services or even better, call a plant relocation team. This way, no plant needs to be cut and you have a sustainable solution to your problem as well.

3.    Immediate Treatment of any Cracks Or Openings

If you notice any cracks or openings around the house, waste no time and take immediate steps for their treatment. As soon as you see indications of damage to the foundation, refill the crack and consider applying concrete sealing to repair the damage.

Concrete sealants provide an extra layer of protection to the concrete. They reduce water absorption which ultimately harms the foundation and tends to make it weaker. At the same time, the concrete used to fill the crack would have the space to expand.

4.     Keep A Check On The Soil Around Your House

Keeping a check on the moisture and temperature of the soil around your house is very important. Not having the appropriate temperature and moisture can lead to significant damage to your house’s foundation.

In the hotter months, consider watering the plants to prevent them from drying too much. Dry soil tends to shrink. The shrinkage will cause openings in the foundation which will cause it to weaken.

However, during the monsoon season, it is important to keep a check for water being accumulated in small puddles around your house. The accumulated water can seep in and cause cracks and openings in the foundation.

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